The Pittsburgh Penguins originally thought NHL star Sidney Crosby would only be out of the lineup for only two games. Crosby revealed Monday that his two-game hiatus is not a hiatus at all, but rather that concussion-like symptoms would keep  him on the sidelines indefinitely. Crosby did pass a subsequent Impact test, but he has been experiencing headaches after practicing.

"I skated the following day after with exertion," he told the Penguins. "I just didn't feel right. After talking with everyone, I figured it was better to be cautious and not take any chances. That's where I'm at right now." 

The news is particularly worrying considering he missed more than 10 months for the same reason following a concussion in January. Crosby hasn't pinpointed the cause of the symptoms, but some believe it was from taking an elbow to the head from the Boston Bruins' David Krecji

[via New York Times]