New team name, new uniforms, new stadium, and now a new star shortstop. 

The Miami Marlins inked three-time All-Star Jose Reyes to a six-year deal worth $102 million in guaranteed money with a possible seventh-year option worth $4 million guaranteed. The 28-year-old rejected a $90 million deal for the same number of years earlier, but was finally persuaded with the new offer. 

It's the biggest signing in Marlins history, and this team might just be getting started. Miami already landed closer Heath Bell from the Padres, and rumors are swirling that the Marlins are at the top of both Albert Pujols' and Mark Buehrle's lists as well. 

With the New York man coming to town, current shortstop Hanley Ramirez will be forced to learn a new position, most likely third base. Not exactly pleased with the situation, Ramirez is coming off the worst season of his career in which he played only 92 games due to a shoulder injury.  Even if the Marlins are able to sign Pujols as well, the biggest question will remain until the season begins: Will the revamped team actually pull fans from their beaches and retirement homes?

[via Miami Herald

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