Internationally renowned industrial designer Adrian Van Anz brings a classic '20s-era racing motorcycle style to his Derringer Cycles brand. Sporting a 49cc, four-stroke engine, the bikes will get you about 180 mpg. And they offer the option of a pedal-powered drivetrain system in either single-speed or fixed-gear. The customizable, hand-made motorized bicycles (the term "moped" just doesn't quite fit the degree of style these represent) include custom paint jobsBrooks leather accessory and bag options, hammered copper rivets, and carbon-black-free white tires. Starting at about $3,500, Derringer's line of motorized bikes presents an excellent alternative for anyone looking for something between a bicycle and a motorcycle, but who just too hip to be caught on a moped.

If you're really digging the whole '20s Derringer vibe, check out our feature on the company's full line of menswear here to get the whole James Dean look done right.

via Bike Rumor

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