Last year, poker pro Jonathan Duhamel was on top of the world when he won the 2010 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. As he prepares to enter 2012, he's just lucky to be alive. Late last week, a pair of men broke into Duhamel's home in Montreal, tied him up, punched him in the face, told him they were going to kill him, and then stole a bunch of stuff, including an engraved Rolex and his 2010 WSOP champion's bracelet.

In a statement that he posted on his website shortly after the incident, Duhamel confirmed that the incident occurred and said that he hopes police will be able to track down his missing goods. "Two men broke into my house and I was physically assaulted and robbed," he wrote. "After being threatened with death and having given them everything I had, I was bound and hit repeatedly in the face and body before my attackers left."

Damn. What a crappy way to ring in the new year.

[via Sports Interaction]

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