Date: April 2005 - Present
The drama started in April 2005 when the Packers--despite making the playoffs (lost in the Wild Card round)--decided to draft quarterback Aaron Rodgers 24th overall. Naturally, the 35-year-old Favre would feel a little threatened by his potential replacement. But Favre putting Rodger's development in limbo with his retirement speculation and douchebag attitude towards the young QB (not returning calls for over a year, really fam?) was pretty unwarranted. Last week, this was all capped off with Favre's backhanded compliment toward Rodgers when asked about the Packers winning the Super Bowl last season. Yup, Rodger's "fell into a good situation," just like how Favre "fell into" destroying his own rep over the last few seasons of his career. FOH, oldhead.