Taxi Driver (1976)

Car: 1974 Checker Taxicab V8

Spending your nights driving a New York City taxicab in the '70s is probably not the healthiest of career choices. The kinds of behaviors you might have witnessed in the back seat of one of those cars would probably push you to the edge too. Or maybe not. Either way, Robert DeNiro's depiction of a man gone over the edge with contempt and disgust for the world he lives in has to be considered one of the best driving movies of all time. DeNiro's Travis Bickle spends a good portion of the movie narrating his thoughts, Underground Man-style, from behind the wheel of his cab. The poster, again hand-drawn, does an excellent job of showing the protagonists' frame of mind, as he stands awkwardly in the middle of a street in front of his cab in a city he despises.