This is the Rockboard, a scooter-like contraption that is powered by, get this, rocking a board. The faster the rider pumps it the faster it goes. Yes, we're still discussing a scooter. While all of this pumping is certainly entertaining, the board can also be locked down for a more traditional scooting experience.

M.Y. Products says that the Rockboard is a great fitness tool and mention that the American College of Sports Medicine says that the Rockboard "certainly could exceed the suggested 300 calories of physical exertion identified to help children meet and/or exceed the ACSM recommendations for physical activity and weight loss in children." However, the Rockboard is only designed to support up to 200 lbs, so the extremely out of shape should probably just start with walking in to Burger King instead of using the drive through.

One of the only issues is that most people probably won't be disciplined enough to change up which leg is in front, and will end up with one big quadriceps and one big hamstring. The other, no matter what you do, most people are going to have a pretty hard time looking good on a scooter. However, it is a fairly innovative product, and we're sure a good number of people will have a blast on these things.

[via M.Y. Products]