Everybody has an opinion about last weekend's Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Victor Ortiz fight right now. And that includes WBC light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins. Earlier this week, he spoke to The Ring about his thoughts on the fight and, not surprisingly, he had some pretty insane things to say about it during the course of the interview. Here are a few of our favorites quotes from it:

On Ortiz failing to protect himself at the end of the fight: "Boxing is like dealing with a ho. [Ed. note: HA!] You've got the protect yourself at all times. If you don't protect yourself at all times, then the repercussions can and most likely will be fierce."

On whether he thought Mayweather ended the fight with a cheap shot: "Floyd did what I would have done. You know, we can call it a sucker punch, yes. But it was a legal sucker punch. The reason that you can call it a sucker punch is because I didn't give you a chance to load up your gun."

On what the hell he meant in the last part of the previous quote: "Well, because I didn't give you a chance to load your gun up so that you can take a shot at me, then I'm getting you first. While you had your head down while you're reloading the bullets in your gun, I was pointing at you with my gun loaded. You think I'm going to wait for you to reload your gun? Are you kidding me? So Mayweather did what I would have done under the circumstances."

This guy. That might be the best opinion on the fight that we've heard yet. Thanks, Executioner!  [via The Ring]