Dennis "Superman" Hallman vs Brian "Bad Boy" Ebersole

Better Nickname: Hallman. This is a toss up. Both these nicknames suck. But it would be funny if Hallman, after throwing his opponent a beating, said in his post-fight interview, "I Superman-ed that ho! Shout out to Soulja Boy for my theme music!"

Inside Scoop, Ebersole: This dude is on some snake-in-monkey's-shadow technique type shit. His attacks are mad unconventional but he's effective. Just ask his last opponent, tough guy Chris Lytle, who got peppered more than a pot of New Orleans jambalaya.

Inside Scoop, Hallman: Don't call it a comeback, Hallman's been here for years.... Literally. At age 35, with 80 fights to his name, the guy can tell you what the Reagan administration was like. High unemployment... kinda like now. But he fights younger than his age or his experience and he can take a punch like a sangria jug.

Prediction: Both guys have said they intend to bang. For some reason we're not convinced that's gonna happen. Ebersole is hard to hit and Hallman is easy to hit (46% striking defense). So Hallman has to focus on takedowns to win. Hallman gets Ebersole to the ground but it ain't easy because his opponent can wrestle. He tries to finish by submission but he doesn't get it. Still Hallman, wins by decision. Talk about winning one for the Gipper.

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