19. Livan Hernandez

Years Active: 1996-present

Team(s): Marlins, Giants, Expos, Diamondbacks, Nationals, Rockies, Mets, Twins

Playing Weight: 245 lbs.

The non-athletic looking of the Hernandez brothers, Livan has nonetheless had a far longer career than his sibling Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez, and has proven that a little extra weight isn't a detriment to a big league pitcher. A classic innings-eater (*Homer voice*: "mmmmm, innings"), Livan's led his league in frames pitched on three occasions, and has topped the 200 innings mark a whopping 10 times (another year he finished with 199.2). Forget the training table, maybe young pitchers these days need to hit the buffet table more often.

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