Franz Beckenbauer has been cool for a long time. His career needs little introduction, as he's essentially the third best player of all-time, so let's get familiar with his off-field looks. As a player, Beckenbauer helped to popularize sportswear as casual attire, specifically the track top. When he moved to New York to join Pele's cast of international stars on the New York Cosmos, Beckenbauer also helped solidify the fashionable stature of footballers world wide. 

Years Active (player): 1964-1977 (Bayern Munich), 1977-1980 (New York Cosmos), 1980-1982 (Hamburger SV), 1983 (New York Cosmos). 

Years Active (manager): 1984-1990 (West Germany), 1990-1991 (Marseille), 1994 and 1996 (Bayern Munich).