“Ben [Ward, then of Odyssey] talked to us about it, he said ‘hey, what about this?’ and I don’t know exactly what the idea was, but I just envisioned doing handrails on a cruiser for some reason? Remember when [Matt] Beringer did a handrail on the 16-inch? And it was like, that’s funny, that was awesome. And then it was like, what if you do it on a cruiser? All the cruisers I ever rode, they were really low – they were all race-style, so you couldn’t really do anything on it? You didn’t want to do anything, because you’re like, ugh, it’s a race bike. I was into the idea, all right, let’s do it. And then once we got it together — being an older guy, and especially coming from a skateboarding background, I’m a huge fan of Mark Gonzales. I saw what he did, and it was sort of can you do all of your same tricks on something else? I wonder whether I can do everything on a 24?"