Active: 1947-1956
Teams: Dodgers

You wanna talk about swag? OK, let's talk about swag. Let's talk about changing-American-history swag. Let's talk about Presidential Medal of Freedom swag. Let's talk about every-team-in-the-majors-retiring-your-number swag. Then let's talk about a badass baseball player. Everybody knows that Robinson was the first black baseball player in the modern major leagues because the Dodgers thought he had the "guts enough not to fight back" when challenged by white racists. What you might not know is that Robinson's orders to turn the other cheek were rescinded after his first year, and he became one of the most intimidating players in the game's history. Step in his basepath? Get knocked the f%$k over (see 2:18 of the clip above). Hit a pennant-winning homer against his team? Expect Robinson to bird-dog the bases to make sure you touch every single one. And of course, pitch from the wind-up when he's on third? Watch as your catcher argues to no avail after Robinson steals home. An icon and a badass.