During last night's MLB All-Star Game, FOX's Mark Grace interviewed Friends With Benefits star Justin Timberlake. After JT took a few seconds to sarcastically compliment Joe Buck's broadcasting talents ("Just a classy guy," JT said, "with a classy voice!"), he moved on to more important issues—namely, his love for beer!

"Now, you wanted ballpark food," said Grace, who was arrested last month on DUI charges. "Peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, which one's your favorite?"

"My favorite?" JT said. "Just beer...It goes with the hot dog, it goes with the nachos, it goes with the peanuts. Beer's perfect. Beer never got mad at me because I didn't call beer back."

Ha! Great answer. And thanks for sonning Joe Buck for us, too! [via Hardball Talk]

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