It takes most early NBA Draft entrants a few years to decide whether or not they made the right decision leaving school early to enter the NBA. But it sounds like Derrick Williams is already starting to regret his decision—before he even sets foot on an NBA court for the first time. In a recent interview with ESPN, he admits that had he known an NBA lockout was going to take place this summer and threaten his rookie season, he probably would have opted to stay in school another year.

"If they told me I was going to miss all 82 games next season, I would have stayed in college and enjoyed myself and enjoyed all of my teammates and everybody else who is involved with Arizona," he said. "I definitely would have went back...I really feel like the worst-case scenario is there is no basketball this season, we don't play any games. I really will feel so bad for everybody that entered the draft, that came from college...I guarantee you 95 percent of the people that entered the draft would have stayed in college if there were no games and I would have been one of those people."

Ayo, Derrick: You do know that you're on the Timberwolves, right? Something tells us you should be looking at this lockout as a blessing in disguise. [via ESPN]