Is poker a sport? Ehhhhh, we'll let you be the judge. Either way, we're big fans of Phil Ivey over here. Especially after hearing about the stunt he just pulled. It seems Ivey isn't too happy with the way his sponsor Full Tilt Poker handled the federal crackdown on online poker back in April when they failed to pay back $150 million owed to U.S. players. So to help bring some light to the situation, Ivey has boycotted the World Series of Poker this year and filed a lawsuit against Full Tilt for $150 million.

"I wholeheartedly refuse to accept non-action as to repayment of player funds," Ivey wrote on his website earlier this week, "and I am angered that people who have supported me throughout my career have been treated so poorly."

Well played, sir! [via CNN]