TEAM(S): Juventus, Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane was once famously issued a red card for headbutting an opposing the Champions League. True story. Despite his penchant for expertly delivering dome to opponents (pause), Zidane, simply, is the finest soccer player Europe has ever produced. Yeah, we said it. The best. As in, nobody fux with him. And nobody turned mammoth Champions League nights into individual exhibitions more often than the great Zizou. For his career, the mercurial Frenchman won everything there is to win, which includes a CL crown and three FIFA World Player of the Year awards (tied only by Ronaldo). But it's not the laundry list of accolades that set the magical midfielder apart from his peers, it was the quality of his every performance, which made any club he played for must-see TV. His volleyed goal against Bayer Leverkusen is the greatest in the history of the competition. And in true Zidane fashion, it came on the biggest stage of all. Just like that head he gave Marco Materazzi back in '06. #getyourheadoutthegutter!