So a couple of guys from Amityville decided that everyone they knew were building really cool looking Camaros, and they wanted in on the fun. But instead of adding some fancy stripes and a few layers of paint, they decided to spend a ton of dough to make it look like it was 30 years old and stored under a tree for the past 10 years. It may seem like a crazy concept, but it got our attention. 

The big part of the bill lies in the engine, which is a 485 cubic–inch V8 that was built to hit around 1,000 hp. As you can see in the video, they come pretty close—804 hp with 765 lb.-ft. of torque—plenty for most guys and a near nightmare on your local freeway. As for the rest, well they had to buy some salt to cause the rust to form quicker, some sandpaper to blast the finish down to primer, and a good pair of boots to kick dents in the grille, doors, and trim. If you can do the math here, that means that's one pricey motor. 



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