Every rapper out there brags about their new Bentley (you know, the one they rented for the video/photo shoot), but it takes real swag to buy a classic original like this $1.7 million Porsche owned by Sir Stirling Moss. But see, this man has bigger nuts than Planters, because he wrecked it last year during a race, and now he's rebuilt it, just so he can enter another race. Seriously.

So let's talk about the specs of the car, just so you can cry into your pillow a bit harder. It's a 1961 Porsche RS 71 Spyder, which the good Sir bought at auction for the previously mentioned $1.7 mill. After his gearbox locked up during a race and he collided with a Lotus, the whole car had to be rebuilt, which had to cost a pretty penny. But screw it, right? 


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