“That one has a butta-face.  Everything looks good but her face.” 

Yes, the ugliest beautiful car award goes to…the Bugatti Veyron.  One of the most expensive legal cars at $1.7 million it reaches 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, yet it's lacking in aesthetics.  There’s something about the car that looks like a football with wheels.  Danish magazine, Bil Ekspressen, has even held a Facebook competition on the ugliest configuration of this car. 

The Bugatti Veyron combines the manual gearbox with the ease of an automatic in order to reach computerized perfection. And that is where the beauty lies.  It is a perfection of engineering.  Under the hood is a 16 cylinder engine with four turbos that can produce 1,001 hp.  In addition, it requires a special (second) key to unlock the portal to speeding nirvana with a top speed of 250 mph.  That is….if you dare.


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