During the Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United on Saturday, there was some bad weather in the Minneapolis area. Who the fuck cares, though, right? Well, apparently hundreds of rabid soccer fans do. Because when the local FOX station in Minneapolis that was showing the CLF decided to split the screen to update viewers about the threat of bad weather, fans lost it and bombarded the station with calls. And then the anchor who was providing the weather updates lost it, too, and basically told the futbal fans to STFU.

"I know a lot of you are calling the studios right now," he said. "Folks, I'm going to tell you, it does no good to call us. We're going to continue with our weather coverage, alright? So I'm going to end the debate right there...Don't call us. Don't write to us on Facebook and cheese us off because, you know what? We're sticking with this no matter what you say. We're going to continue to keep our viewers safe."

Damn. Talk about raining on somebody's parade, son! [via Awful Announcing]

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