Looks like we might have an addition to our list of The 10 Most Gang-Affiliated Hats in Sports. The new college football uniforms pictured above, which were created for the Arizona State Sun Devils by Nike, were supposed to give the team a fresh look that appealed to the younger set. But instead, they might be appealing more towards a gang set out of Chicago called the Satan Disciples thanks to the pitchfork on the side of the helmet that bears a striking resemblance to the trident that many of S.D.'s members tattoo on their bodies when they join the gang. "The S.D.'s are going to adopt the [ASU] hat as their hat of choice just as soon as they see the first person wearing one," a Chicago police sergeant who also happens to be an ASU alum said recently.

And, as he explains, that could have dangerous repercussions in the streets for anyone caught wearing one. "Some unsuspecting ASU grad or the nephew of a grad or just some person who was at spring training and liked the hat is going to be wearing it in Chicago and stumble upon a carload of Latin Kings," he said, "and they're going to beat the shit out of him or kill him just based on the fact he's wearing a hat." So, ummm...consider yourself warned? [via Dr. Saturday]

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