Bigger, faster, badder—it's the American way, and words that Ohio-based tuner Ligenfelter seems to live by. The house of power, possibly best known for their insane Corvette builds, is hard at work building a Camaro that will literally blow the competition away.

Through a worked 427 cubic-inch LSX motor and a pair of LS3 six-bolt heads, Ligenfelter projects that their end result will pit down a mind-boggling 1,200 horsepower. With the engine up and running, it shouldn't be long until some track videos and slip times surface, but the Camaro hasn't hit pavement just yet. Until then, check out this video of the car on the dyno for some tuning. Trust us, it's worth sitting through all the reading to hear the wide open throttle shift from third to fourth gear, while huffing nitrous. Be afraid, be very afraid.

[via Motor Authority]