Preview images of a new BMW M5 "Concept" have been popping up all over the internet, before the car's official debut at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show. Easily one of the most anticipated Bimmers generation after generation, this go-around is no different. Sporty and downright mean looking from every angle, its taken the rather mild mannered look of the current 5 series, and gone Batman on it.

So why the quotes around the word concept? Well, new and exciting details have surfaced on the car's official timeline. Autoblog is reporting that the 580+ horsepower production version M5 will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. You put it all together yet? Basically, with that little time between concept and production debuts, there's not all that much time for drastic change. So though we still haven't seen interior shots, you're basically looking at the future M5, and the future's looking good.

[via Autoblog]