It's a sad time for automotive enthusiasts young and old. Gayu Eusegi, head of global product development for Mitsubisi, has confirmed that the current Lancer Evolution X will be the last Evo the company builds...ever. Eusegi explained that the decision was made due to the company's shift towards electric vehicle (EV) technology. [Sheds tear]

As sad is the move is, with Autocar reporting that Mitsubishi plans to build eight hybrid or all-electric models before 2015, its easy to see how the gas-guzzling Evo doesn't fit in with that corporate strategy. Eusegi also struck down any notion that the rally-inspired car could live on as a hybrid by stating "Maybe the world can change, and maybe someday we can do a motor race by electric vehicles. Maybe then we can enter the market agian."

All of this, of course, goes against numerous reports that a hybrid drivetrain has been in the works for the Evo XI. We can only hope that perhaps something was lost in translation. If it's true, good-bye, good buddy. You will be missed. 

Source: Autocar via Autoblog