6-20 shooting by Kobe-with all the practice after the Miami game? Did he stay after this game too?less than a minute ago via Who Say

Damn, Magic—going at Kobe? Do these old fellas not realize that everyone can see the tweets that they send out into the world? [Boxden]

Train tickets to New York Penn Station? $20. A couple beers and hot dogs at Madison Square Garden? $25. A pair of courtside seats next to Jay-Z to see the Knicks battle the Nets on March 30th? Priceless!...Er, well, actually about $34,000 so far. [ET]

Evander Holyfield kicked it with a couple of chicks from the Jersey Shore. Evander: You've got yourself quite the situation going on over there. [Terez Owens]

Ocho Cinco announced that he might pursue an MLS career with the Sporting Kansas City team if the NFL lockout doesn't end before next season. Wait, what about the MMA fight, dude? [SB Nation]

And after 53 games, Kevin Love's streak of consecutive games with a double-double finally came to an end. So much for us giving two shits about the Timberwolves for the rest of the season. [True Hoop]