To true gear-heads, "green" is a dirty word. But if the latest news from Julian Assange's infamous Wikileaks site is accurate, alternative energy for cars may be more of a necessary evil than previously thought. According to site's latest document drop, US experts have secretly believed for some time that a peak oil scenario—a point where petroleum production begins a terminal decline—could hit Saudi Arabia as early as 2012.

The belief stems from a closed-door meeting between US officials and Sadad al-Husseini, expert geologist and former head of exploration at Aramco, Saudi Arabia's nationally owned oil company. In the meeting, al-Husseini insinuated his country doesn't have the oil reserves left that its current government would like the US to believe (about 12.5 million barrels per day).

Before you start building your bug-out shelter, this (still shocking) news doesn't mean the entire planet is running out of oil. But since Saudi Arabia—the largest oil-producing country in the Middle East—is thought to hold about a fifth of the world's supply, it's still reasonable cause for concern.

So if you still can't get into the whole green movement, at the very least you best start budgeting a good deal more to fill your tank. If the unrest in Egypt can cause a spike, can you imagine what this will do?

Source: Yahoo News