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America must be at a moral crossroads. How else can you explain the fact that strip clubs in Dallas are reporting that they're 10,000—10 thousand!—strippers short for Super Bowl Weekend? [TMZ]


Peyton Manning is the most powerful man in sports. Um, really?! [Business Week]


Kevin Love is using a fake cologne ad campaign called NUMB#RS to try and make the All-Star team. Hey, at least someone is on their job in the Minnesota Timberwolves organization. [Terez Owens]


MLB's resident weirdo Brian Wilson appeared on Lopez Tonight to talk about getting massages in Thailand and a bunch of other strange shit. And the best part? He did it dressed as a seamen. Yeah....pause. [The Big Lead]


Alex Ovechkin as a monkey. Dancing to disco music. On a Swedish Web site. Weird but worth a watch. [Washington Post]