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We have a dream that one day, the New York Mets will actually be good again. Apparently, so does MLK, Jr.'s son. Good luck with that. [NY Daily News]


Alex Mack's touchdown off a lateral at the end of the Pro Bowl (FYI, he's an offensive lineman!) made a blowout tolerable. [Shutdown Corner]


Manhattan vs. Marist might not seem like a marquee college hoops matchup—but the halfcourt shot FTW at the end of the game made it must-see TV. [theScore]


Sounds like Michael Vick is headed back to Philly next season. Hey, Kevin Kolb: Dueces! [ESPN]


Ronnie Brewer put Josh McRoberts on a poster—and our new favorite NBA announcer Stacey King loved every second of it. [YouTube]