Matchup: New York vs. Minnesota
Payrolls: Yankees ($206.3 million) vs. Twins ($95.6 million)

Feel-Good Story: Not sure the Yanks are ever on the plus side of the karma thing, but maybe they can work up some us against the world indignation since they're the most expensive wild-card winner ever. The Twins have a new stadium, plus all their fans have to go into hibernation once the season's over and you kind of feel like weeping for them in general. Advantage: Minnesota

Style Points: The Twins have the new stadium, Jim Thome's great home-run swing, and...not much else. The Yankees have C.C. Sabathia and the ubiquitous Yankee fitted. On the last one alone, we've got to go Advantage: New York

On the Field: The Yankees' rotation is a mess, the Twins have a great lefty starter (Francisco Liriano) to counter New York's lefty-leaning lineup,'s still hard to not think that the Yanks have the superior squad. They've got like 30 guys on their team who hit 20 homers this year; the Twins only have 25 dudes on their whole roster! Advantage: New York

Prediction: New York pummels mediocre pitching, and the Twins' Game 2 starter is some guy named Carl Pavano. If Pavano wins that game though, all bets are off. New York in 5