Complex says: We're treading dangerously close to prediction territory here, but IF Hamilton continues to be a Bonds-like presence in the Rangers' lineup, IF Cliff Lee continues to stake a claim to being the best postseason pitcher ever (he's already in the top 10), and IF Rangers rookie closer Neftali Feliz is up to the task of his first high-leverage postseason work, then the Texas will (almost) undoubtedly win. And if they win, they'll spray ginger ale instead of champagne for their post-game celebration, in deference to Hamilton's alcohol problems and Twitter star C.J. Wilson's own straight edge lifestyle. And while ginger ale is definitely a "with" and not an "instead of" choice vis-a-vis liquor around these parts, we think that's pretty damn cool. Or at least more entertaining than the 49ers and Broncos playing in London.

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