Complex says: The first pitch of each of the first three games of this Series will be thrown while the sun's still out. Yes, that's primarily because San Francisco's hosting Games 1 and 2 (they both start at 7:57 eastern), but it's also because MLB is making a half-hearted attempt to make Game 3 a kinda-sorta day game. For more than two decades baseball has been so scared of scheduling the World Series (you know, its BIGGEST FRICKIN' GAMES) against football that it's completely abdicated October weekend afternoons to the NFL and college football. Now Bud Selig and co. are going to try to squeeze a Saturday evening game in between the marquee college football matchups. Somewhere, a TV exec with half a nut is thinking of bidding on the MLB Playoffs and starting every weekend game at 3 pm. We hope it happens, unfortunately for baseball fans, we're worried that exec is working for Versus.