If the there's an NFL lockout in 2011, the Miami wideout plans on switching sports. The NBA was quoted as saying "oh, HELL no." [ESPN]

Either Barca's Dani Alves has the touch of death or Sevilla's Andres Palop is soft-batch like whoa. We're guessing the latter. [Dirty Tackle]

Lance Stephenson has taken a major L before hitting the court as a pro. Good thing he's on the Pacers, where domestic violence gets incentive payouts! [NY Daily News]

A hard-hit ball x a brave woman = Beerkkake!. [Deadspin]

PGA officials gave us yet another reason to not fuck with golf right now. [Yahoo Sports]

Jason Kidd dropped seven figures on his hot wifey-to-be this weekend. And judging from his expression in this picture, he needs us to SEND FOR HELP. [Terez Owens]

The well-documented dangers of MLB's between-inning fuckery promotions have reached a whole new level. [Sports Break]


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