Beautiful cars make beautiful music. It's a fact. Think of your favorite sports car and you'll immediately think of the sound that emanates from its exhaust. It's only natural. Many people think an engine note is just noise—and if you live in a city full of souped-up Civics, it probably is—but to us there are very few sounds we enjoy more than an Aston Martin V12 revving up, an Acura NSX bouncing off its redline, or an old Dodge Charger rumbling. That's why we came up with the Sports Car Soundboard. Instead of passively watching YouTube clips of your favorite cars roaring and revving, click the cars above. For the first go-round, we picked 20 of our favorite cars—all identified by mousing over the Car Legend on the top right. Don't see yours here? Tell us and we'll throw it in next time. Enjoy.

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