ISSUE: Columnist Stephen A. Smith says the lack of controversy over #1 MLB draft pick Bryce Harper choosing to leave high school early to go pro would've been different if he were black.
WHITEY FORD SAYS: We finally have a young phenom of our own to take back America's pastime and he's already catching flack (or "hate" as you people say). Strasberg and Harper are leading the MLB back onto the white, er, I mean right path!
DARK MAN X SAYS: Stephen A. is on point with this one. Talk about a double standard. The silence about Bryce's educational switcheroo was deafening.
COMPLEX SAYS: Uhhh, doesn't this shit happen all the time in baseball? Nobody cares. Anyway, this dude + Stephen Strasberg = World Series for the Nats by 2015. Yup, we said it.