70 losses, Jigga, and a crazy new billionaire owner, and the Nets still couldn't land the the #1 pick in John Wall. Homie is easing on down to the road to DC now. Get it? Wiz? Musical theater references are so thorough!
[Yahoo Sports]

Hero today, goat tomorrow. Literally. Yankees fielder Marcus Thames knows all about that. [New York Magazine]

Wanna see how Brazil's best will be living during the World Cup? We can only imagine the fuckery that will go down between these walls. Yellow + green = blown. [Dirty Tackle]

Straight from the "You Can't Turn a Ho into a Housewife" files—Kendra Wilkinson, wife of Eagles wideout Hank Baskett, has a sex tape dropping soon...into our Netflix queue! [Terez Owens]

Why they wanna stick me for my paper? It's not only your favorite NBA and NFL players that can get gaffled; golf legends can get it, too. Hole in one yo' pockets! [SB Nation]

Barca dropped over 34 million pounds (that's $48 milli, bitches!) to land David Villa from Valencia. Only time will tell if it pays off or turns into Real Madrid redux. [ESPN]

Former Detroit QB Daunte Culpepper signed with the Lions—of Sacramento. For what it's worth, attendance will probably be better than at Ford Field. [Shutdown Corner]