Yeah we'd do some air-punching too if we accomplished a double feat that hasn't been done since the '50s.
[NY Post]

It's no Kobe vs. LeBron, but this epic showdown of NBA Euro fuckboys is still entertaining. [Ball Don't Lie]

Baseball in May is still boring as shit, even if you're the Red Sox GM. Game? Fuck that, throw on a flannel and a fake 'stache and rock out to Pearl Jam, dude. [Big League Stew]

Unless your name is Messi, Maradona doesn't give a fuck if he drives over your foot. [Telegraph]

This latest collabo will make your World Cup fits fresh down to the socks! [Slam X Hype]

Injuries, terrible coaching, and straight up sucking have all stifled the Redskins offense in recent years. The possible new culprit for next season? HGH suspensions. [Shutdown Corner]

Speaking of the juice...Tour de France exile Floyd Landis is taking shots at Mr. Livestrong himself. [ESPN]