Tomorrow, in London, the 2010 Gumball 300 Rally kicks off its week long journey around the world. What exactly is the Gumball 3000 Rally? Well, first off, it's not really a "rally" in the traditional sense. There are no prizes or awards for being the fastest, you don't need pace notes and if you drive normally, your car won't end up in a ditch. So what is it then? It's a 3000 mile road tour that takes place on the public roads of seven different countries around the world started by designer/skateboarder Maximillian Cooper back in 1999. Still interested? Read on to find out what they key things you need to know about the Gumball 3000...


Where Do They Drive? The drivers travel 3000 miles, stopping in cities to party, eat, party and, party some more. The rally usually takes place through a number of different countries, although last year it was a "coast to coast" race here in America from LA To Miami. This year, the drivers are starting in London, heading to Amsterdam, then to Copenhaegen and Stockholm before shipping their cars west to complete the North American leg of the rally which goes from Boston, to Quebec to Toronto before ending in the Big Apple. That's a lot of miles per gallon.


What Do They Drive? Although you can drive whatever you want as long as you pay the $46,000 entry fee. However, more than anything else, the Gumball 3000 is known for the super expensive, super decked out, super fast cars that get driven from city to city. Check out the start of the race and you'll see a number of Porsches, Lamorghini's, some Ferrari's, and maybe a Bugatti or two. This year is no different. There's every kind of Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini and now even a Morgan Aero Max driven by, who else, Gumball founder Maximillion Cooper.


Who Are The Drivers? As we said, if you can pay the entry fee, you could be a driver. But since most people don't have the down payment of a house chillin' in their accounts, most of the people you see on this trip are wealthy regular folk, royalty (some sheiks here and there) and celebrities. Celebs include Xzibit and Tony Hawk, both of whom have done the rally many times before, and some new comers like Idris Elba and Eve.