Ahhh, the faces of people you don't like'can't live with 'em, can't step on 'em without somebody getting mad. This past weekend University of Houston basketball player Aubrey Coleman found that out the hard way when he "accidentally" did a tap dance on the Arizona Wildcats' Chase Budinger. Coleman got kicked out of the game, but he's not the first athlete to catch flack for trampling on the melon (or chest/ankle/leg) of an opponent. See below for the Complex History of Sports Stomping Incidents...

MARCH 28, 1992

• STOMPER: Christian Laettner
• STOMPEE: Aminu Timberlake
• THE STOMP: In the second half of the 1992 NCAA East Regional Final, the very un-Christian Laettner stomped on Timberlake's stomach, was given a technical foul but not suspended (he went on to take the game's winning shot). Laettner later gave this excuse: "I had to put my foot down because I needed some balance." Right, and we "needed" to go to Duke because we're scared of poor people. Oh wait, that is why we went to Duke.

FEBRUARY 23, 2008

• STOMPER: Martin Taylor
• STOMPEE: Eduardo da Silva
• THE STOMP: In the third minute of Birmingham City's match with Arsenal, BC's Taylor Ty Cobbed Eduardo, leaving the Arsenal striker with a compound fracture and dislocated ankle. Eduardo missed an entire year; Taylor took home a three-game suspension and a handful of death threats.

DECEMBER 15, 2007

• STOMPER: Chris Simon
• STOMPEE: Jarkko Ruutu
• THE STOMP: Apparently unable to control his hatred for Fins, the New York Islanders' Chris Simon stomped on the leg of Pittsburgh's Jarkko Ruutu in a game early in the '07-'08 season and received a 30-game suspension from NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell, whom Simon secretly believes may be a Fin himself.

OCTOBER 1, 2006

• STOMPER: Albert Haynesworth
• STOMPEE: Andre Gurode
• THE STOMP: The Tennessee Titans' Haynesworth received a five-game suspension for stomping on Dallas center Andre Gurode's mug, opening up a large cut on Gurode's face. Unfortunately Haynesworth was unable to play the "I didn't mean to" card because a) he pulled Gurode's helmet off and, b) he stomped dude twice (the first time he missed).

JANUARY 2, 2006

• STOMPER: Marcus Vick
• STOMPEE: Elvis Dumervil
• THE STOMP: Another "accidental" stomping. Stupid Elvis Dumervil got in the way of Marcus Vick's foot at the 2006 Gator Bowl. Dumervil didn't even have the decency to go along with Vick's bogus story that he had apologized. Jerk.