Gone are the days of dragging your feet because MCQ, the contemporary London based label (under the house of Alexander McQueen) recently launched its lightest shoe yet: the Aratana. To create the Aratana, MCQ collaborated with footwear design and engineering company Areté, delivering sneakers made to feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Between the two companies, there was plenty of inspiration to go around. But it was the incorporation of parachute and sailing technology that allowed the duo to create a breathable silhouette that’s also strong and made to last. In fact, following this release, MCQ is set to drop add-on accessories designed to enhance this shoe and extend its lifespan. 

Additionally, the Aratana midsole includes recycled materials that transform harmful algae blooms into a sustainable plastic alternative. Overall, the shoe represents a fresh direction for the brand, which is reflected in its name. 

“Within the culture of Japan, I found this phrase ‘Aratana Hajimari,’” Areté founder Myles O’Meally said in a video. “And it basically translates to a new beginning or new start, so it was literally a new start within us, with MCQ, and the new sneaker for MCQ that we have created. I wanted to use this word and I shortened it to Aratana.” 

To show off the shoe, MCQ tapped a number of A-list creators to model different colorways, highlighting how easily the Aratana can be integrated into anyone’s wardrobe. Take a look at the Aratana below and if you want to add a pair to your cart, the sneakers are now available on GOAT. Plus, check out the MCQ Instagram page for more details on the campaign.