With suede, there are a few things you need to take into account. First off, I would see what color's the suede. If it's a deep color, like navy or burgundy, you have the risk of a color bleed. Choose your product, warm water, a soft brush. The best technique is to do as dry of a clean as possible. Before using water on the shoe, scrub the shoe with a dry brush. There are also rubber erasers you can use as well. If you do need to do a wet wash, do it as dry as possible.

Once you have your solution and water on the brush, place it against your microfiber cloth and take as much of that moisture out as possible. Then go into the suede and take the stains or dirt out. Be very careful if there's a navy panel next to a lighter panel, as the colors will bleed. The drying process with suede is more important than the actual washing. After you've finished your clean, get as much moisture out of the suede with a microfiber. Pat the suede and twist the cloth on it, so it puffs up the nap on the suede. It might take three hours for the shoe to dry, but I'll go back every half hour and do that technique on the shoe. If you just leave it and don't babysit it, that's when you can get problems. If the suede gets hard, you can work it with a series of brushes.