Release Date: June 26
Price: $75

Is it or is it not a sneaker? That's the biggest debate around the Adidas Yeezy Foam RNNR. The slip-on shoe, which is made out of foam created from algae, has been a talking point since it was first seen in early 2020. Kanye West and Steven Smith, the design director of Yeezy, unveiled the shoe at a Fast Company summit, trotting it out like it was a new iPhone, an innovation that would change the world. In some respects, that was true. Kanye has long wanted Yeezy to be a brand like Apple and an innovation like the Foam RNNR might help him do that, depending on the shoe's scale. The shoe has only released one time thus far, launching in June with the redesign of West's Yeezy Supply site. The first colorway of the Foam RNNR, a model filled with holes and a sloping shape that has brought comparison to motorcycles and automobiles, has an all-white motif inspired by his wife Kim Kardashian West's Armenian heritage. He named it "Ararat" after the mountain which stands as a national symbol of Armenia and is the fabled resting place of Noah's ark. But the Foam RNNR itself is inspired by West wanting to create a pair of stylish Crocs, and he did just that. Just like Crocs, which are having their own resurgence in the quarantine age, the Foam RNNR is a love-it-or-hate-it design. —Matt Welty