Reebok Kamikaze 4 // First Look

Take a first look at the next entry in the Kamikaze line.

words // Zac Dubasik

Before bringing back the highly anticipated Kamikaze 2 retro, Reebok and Swizz Beatz first introduced us to a shoe known as the Kamikaze 3. But while some limited releases sold well, it wasn't exactly the return of the Kamikaze long-time fans had hoped for.  

We've since seen shoes like the Penny V prove that new life can be given to a line that has fallen dormant for many years, and it appears that Reebok will be continuing on the Kamikaze line as well.

Thanks to EUKicks, we have our first look at the Kamikaze 4. It has a high-tech look, falling more in line with shoes like the Q96 than the true retros most frequently seen on-court by Reebok's current athletes. It also seems to have a surprisingly similar look to the Jordan XX8 SE

What do you think about this new edition of the Kamikaze? Does it pay proper tribute to the legacy of the line?

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