Your Time To Get Big Baller Brand ZO2s Is Running Out

The deadline to order your Big Baller Brand ZO2s is quickly approaching.

Big Baller Brand Lonzo Ball ZO2
Image via Big Baller Brand
Big Baller Brand Lonzo Ball ZO2

If you are planning on copping a pair of Big Baller Brand ZO2s, and haven't yet done so, you better get on it. While cooking a breakfast consisting of grits and sausage, Lavar Ball announced that a deadline is looming. 

"No more pre-orders after June 22. And you gon’ be mad when you don’t have ‘em," he warned. "Just like these grits are coming to a simmer, so are these shoes.”

The sneakers are available to pre-order now for prices starting at $495, and have been the topic of much discussion since their May unveiling. Check out the announcement below.

An announcement from the Big Baller himself @Lavarbigballer | Preorders on the ZO2's will no longer be available after June 22nd.

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