Something Isn't Quite Right on DJ Khaled's New Air Jordans

Something isn't quite right with DJ Khaled's "Greatful" Air Jordan 3s.

DJ Khaled Air Jordan 3
Image via DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled Air Jordan 3

If you've been paying any attention to DJ Khaled over the past few months you know he's been pushing an upcoming album entitled Grateful, executive produced by his now-eight-month old son, best friend, and prophet, Asahd. 

It was no shock then that when Khaled unveiled his Air Jordan collaboration that it included Grateful detailing. What was a bit of a surprise is that it actually included "Greatful" detailing, instead. It turns out though that the misspelling will make for an even more limited collectors' item. Khaled took to Twitter to address the issue.

@Jumpman23 #GRATEFUL3 notice how says how say greatful thoes are limited and the rest will say grateful!!

While there are no deails yet regarding a proper retail relase, fans can pre-order Grateful for a chance to win the collaborative Air Jordan 3s.