Sneaker Sketch of the Week // Aaron Cooper's Nike Zoom Pippen II

Taking inspiration from Scottie's smooth game and details from classic cars, Cooper delivered an iconic look for Pippen's second shoe.

words // Nick DePaula

In a new series highlighting the beautiful art of footwear design, we'll take a look at some of the industry's greatest product renderings and sketches from over the years.

First up is Aaron Cooper's iconic sketch of the Nike Zoom Pippen II. Worn by Scottie Pippen during the 1997-1998 NBA season, his last with the Chicago Bulls, #33 went on to win his sixth NBA Championship in the second shoe to bear his name.

With eyelets and molded midsole detailing inspired by a 1950's era Chevy Corvette, one of Scottie's favorite cars, the shoe also improved upon the first Pippen by featuring an improved fit, lighter weight, better court feel and Pippen's favorite cushioning unit of responsive fibers. The sleekness of the upper also perfectly embodied Scottie's smooth game.

"I always wanted to play closer to the floor. As long as they gave me Zoom Air, I was happy," Pippen joked to us in our Issue 29 interview. "You can give Aaron all the credit in the world as the designer."

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