Jersey Spotlight // 2012-2013 Retro Nights adidas REV30 Lineup

Several insanely classic 90's NBA jerseys will be returning this spring for adidas Basketball's upcoming Retro Nights celebration.

words // Nick DePaula

I'm insanely hyped for what's about to go down next spring.

As part of their plans to outfit the upcoming 2012-2013 NBA season, adidas Basketball will launch a new Retro Nights REV30 collection of throwback uniforms for twelve of the league's thirty teams. These will all be thankfully ad patch free too.

With a lineup of insanely classic 90's jerseys that perfectly capture the large graphics and expressive design style of the era, we'll see several favorites of jersey enthusiasts on the return. Most notably, there's the "Big" series of screened graphics that includes the Big Hawk, Big Raptor, Big Rocket, Big Buck, Jazz Mountains and Suns Fireball. 

We'll also see alternate classics like the black Bulls jersey from the end of MJ's reign in Chicago, along with the Heat's red alternate uniform that T-Bug and Zo repped so well. As you can imagine, my personal favorite of the batch is the unevenly split yet awesome Kings Checkerboard (with the Suns Fireball coming in second.) What can I say, I have a Mitch Richmond Checkerboard authentic framed at my place.

Do you have a favorite team? As excited as I am to cop a Michael Beasley Suns Fireball or a DeShawn Stevenson Big Hawk jersey? As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that would've made this lineup better is road unis for Toronto and Indiana, and perhaps the inclusion of the teal Pistons and blue pinstripe Magic unis. 

Let us know what you think in the comments section below and vote away for your favorite in the poll below.