Baron Davis & Li-Ning Open Portland Showroom

Hear Baron Davis' thoughts about his BD Doom and Li-Ning.

words & images_Nick DePaulaAron Phillips from DIMEWhat has it been like joining the Li-Ning family and having your own shoe?


Above: A look at the Tech Pack and sketchwork of the BD Doom.

How are you liking the shoes from a performance standpoint?What's the response been in the locker room?


Above: Several concept logos for Baron Davis.

What was your first reaction when you saw the Beardman logo?Do you feel an obligation now, like you can't shave the beard?You had two videos of you walking through New York and Shanghai, do you plan on making more videos?On, you're always doing stuff with new challenges, and just had a Best Beard contest, are there going to be any more Li-Ning tie-ins there?


Above: Look for this limited edition Grey/ Neon colorway to drop later in the year.

Can you talk about working with the designers? How hands-on have you been with the process?What kind of input have you had on some off-court shoes? Are you guys working on some lifestyle stuff?


LA back home, that's where fashion talks, so what are people saying about the shoes?Are you already working on the BD2?Do you have a favorite color on the first BDs? Whether it's UCLA, Dodgers or the Blue Snake?