The 10 Sexiest Fitness Bloggers

Sneaker Report did the grunt work to find you The 10 Sexiest Fitness Bloggers of today.

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Any athlete with a computer can start a blog these days, but it takes dedication and a unique approach to create an online destination that warrants a following in today’s fitness industry. Here are some ladies that put in work and prove that all those reps and dips pay off. Turning blogs into fitness empires one by one, these ladies prove that success is sexy.

Sneaker Report did the grunt work to find you The 10 Sexiest Fitness Bloggers of today.



No. 10 - Kim Teshima

Blog: Mile Long Legs

A lover of Newton Running kicks and Lululemon everything, this spirited runner talks nutrition, recipes, and of course, running.



No. 9 - Nikki Glor

Blog: NikkiFitness

Nikki is a group fitness instructor at Crunch gym in Manhattan, produces fitness DVDs of various boot camps, and is a fitness expert on Talk about putting work in. This former Syracuse University cheerleader uses her knowledge of yoga and kick-a**, results oriented mindset to deliver a rock solid bod.


No. 8 - Nikki Wong

Blog: Live Love Yoga Blog

Nikki Wong is a certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga teacher that stumbled onto the yoga scene in 2007. Her blog features how-to videos along with an impressive gallery of the beautiful places Nikki prefers to practice.


No. 7 - Lacey Stone

Blog: Lacey Stone Fitness

Lacey Stone runs her fitness program and has followers in both New York and Hollywood. Her signature BOOTYCamps! are her way of challenging people to get outside of the gym and use their own bodies to see results. It's clear Lacey's done her fair share of work for her body too; it's been featured in a slew of women's magazines and TV outlets as well. Lacey has consulted for Nike and Reebok, and she is also one of Gatorade’s G Series FIT sponsored Fitness Athletes. This girl keeps it positive and it shows.


No. 6 - Katy


Katy describes herself as a Vancouverite who loves Korean seafood pancakes, progressive house, and Lord of the Rings. Not only does her lifestyles blog offer inspirational quotes and hygiene tips, but Katy gives Workout Recaps detailing the activities she stays in awesome shape with.


No. 5 - Tiffany Rothe

Blog: Tiffany Rothe Workouts

Tiffany Rothe believes you should "Always stay in the game." and this girl sure knows how to play it. Rothe provides training in fitness and overall well-being and has dedicated over 30,000 hours to helping people get in shape with her unique creative dance background fused with yoga. Plus, she has a black belt in Tae Kwan Do...just saying.



No. 4 - Jessica Smith

Blog: The Official Site of Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith knows how to get a body in shape. As a teacher of classes at Equinox gym in Miami Beach and a regular contributor for, Jessica puts her 10 years of industry experience to work. Her site offers downloads of workouts, ordering info for her 10 Pounds Down DVD, and a section for her to answer fitness questions. Plus, Jessica is certified in Martial Fusion, so that's pretty cool.



No. 3 - Erin

Blog: Live Life Active

It's clear that Erin of Live Life Active is a real go getter, as the recent third place winner of the Bikini America Midwest Championships Tall Class. Her blog offers impressive before and after photos, lists of things she wants to accomplish, and an organized list of her personal cardio routines. The most useful part of Erin's blog however, is probably her "My Favorites" tab, which breaks down the equipment she uses to stay fit.




No. 2 - Cassy Ho

Blog: Blogilates

As the creator of POP Pilates and oGorgeous designer, Cassy Ho puts in work. Named “Best Healthy Living Blogger of 2012” by Fitness Magazine, Ho provides instructional videos (our favorite), healthy eats, and workout calendars to help her followers keep it tight.  All this and her penchant for bikini contests ranks Ms. Ho at 3 on our list.


No. 1 - Tara Stiles

Blog: Tara Stiles

With endorsements from fitness greats Jane Fonda and Deepak Chopra, this model turned yoga instructor is the founder of Strala Yoga, has published a variety of books, videos, and apps to encourage "Yoga Rebels" such as herself. Her tumblr, here, chronicles her yoga lifestyle day to day.


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