Adidas Is Suing Marc Jacobs Over Stripes


A new lawsuit opened by Adidas on Wednesday (paywalled, sorry) alleges that Marc Jacobs purposely knocked off the sporting giant in one of its recent collections that features pieces with four parallel stripes running down from the neck opening to the cuff similar to Adidas' classic three stripes logo. The photo above may be the fucking smallest thing of all time, but you can clearly see why Adidas thinks Jacobs ripped off its iconic branding.

Because Adidas is smart and has been around forever, it has a registered trademark on the three stripes that appear on everything from sneakers to shirts to jackets to sweatshirts to vests to coats to athletic shorts and other apparel (see, EVERYTHING). It's not a stretch to see how Jacobs' "confusingly similar use" could potentially deceive consumers. Look, no one has a trademark on stripes, the general aesthetic concept, but good god this is an open and shut case from where I'm sitting.

This isn't the first time Marc Jacobs has been hit with accusations like this. And, while completely insane and definitely not based in reality whatsoever, this is as good of a time as ever to resurface the completely batshit accusations made  by a Hungarian blogger named Angel Barta who claims that Jacobs stole her designs during a secret heterosexual affair.

[Photo via Law360]